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by paynenbaticmai


Multimedia Design / Isadora / TroikaTronix / Video / 33178 KB

◍ 2.6.1.ISADORA.APP:

Isadora is a graphic programming environment that provides interactive control over digital media, with special emphasis on the real-time manipulation of digital video. Since every performance or installation is unique, Isadora was designed not to be a "plug and play" program, but instead offers building blocks that can be linked together to intelligently respond to the live performer.
For those in the video production arena, an important new feature is Isadora's non-real-time rendering function. It allows you to interactively develop your patches, and then to go into non-real time mode to render its output to a QuickTime movie at full resolution and full frame rates.

Featured on iMac Pro 5o7DL.vers.3.6.1.Isadora.app
macpkg.icu?id=11694&kw=5o7DL.vers.3.6.1.Isadora.app | 34505 kbytes |

iMac Pro HX6K7_ISADORA_V_2.6.4.DMG
macpkg.icu?id=11694&kw=HX6K7_ISADORA_V_2.6.4.DMG | 32182 kbytes |

OS X ajwve_isadora_version_2.6.5.pkg
macpkg.icu?id=11694&kw=ajwve_isadora_version_2.6.5.pkg | 27205 kbytes |

Version for Mac mini lVTGR.Isadora.v.2.8.1.app
macpkg.icu?id=11694&kw=lVTGR.Isadora.v.2.8.1.app | 28864 kbytes |

Featured for 10.14 Isadora_vers_2.6.2_QR37aV.zip
macpkg.icu?id=11694&kw=Isadora_vers_2.6.2_QR37aV.zip | 27537 kbytes |

Site: troikatronix.com/isadora/about/

to MacOS XBD3.DesktopReader.for.Quora.ver.1.5.tar.gz
amp.amebaownd.com/posts/5975161 2.2

10.14.3 DO0WN2.1.3.BIG.TYPER.DMG
data.axmag.com/data/201903/20190330/U167556_F519474/index.html 1.5

MacBook Mi3S1_Vacancy_Manager_ver._2.01.8.dmg
acabtelima.bandcamp.com/album/vers-20106-vacancy-manager-how-install-on-1013 2.4.06

Featured OS X Astropad.version.3.3.MgKv5z.pkg
elisabethforum.proboards.com/thread/1508/where-download-turn-graphics-tablet 3.2

Updated to MacBook Pro L8HLLa-Thurly-ver.-2.4.zip
glutecwara.wixsite.com/kjktrf/post/macos-where-download-thurly-2-0 2.1

{28201 KB} Software Isadora vers.3.6.1 k8EU2 2.6.3 Updated version

{33178 KB} App vers 2.6.2 Isadora zoPYwE 2.8.1 for 10.11.4

{32182 KB} Update RZR VERSION 2.9.1 ISADORA 2.8.1 Featured MacOS

{28864 KB} App EGGY4 VER 2.8.1 ISADORA 3.6.1 Updated for MacOS

{33841 KB} NRFGC VERS 2.6.2 ISADORA 2.6.4 Sierra


released April 4, 2019


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